En Route

Overnight in Geneva with Gerrit and Whit. Odd place for a stop en route to Tel Aviv, but so it goes. Lovely meal with local wine and a good night’s sleep — all very much needed after 18 hours in transit.

Feeling hopelessly American this side of the Atlantic, with my sensible shoes, white t-shirt, and khakis. Even the businessmen in Geneva wear beautiful scarves atop their suits and the women wear dangerously high heels no matter what. But I am making my way and feeling suitably disoriented. On to Tel Aviv.

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One Response to En Route

  1. Mark Long says:

    Hi, Beth, your voice is crystal clear. . . . Your words bring me back to the transitional sapce we found ourselves in en route to the Indian Subcontinent. We were delayed at Heathrow for a night and then routed through Helsinki–a strange detour through a landscape and culture diametrically opposed to India. From the cold and spare enviroment of the Helsinki airport to the hot and pushy cue at immigration in Delhi. Perspective by incongruity. I’m listening. . . .

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