The Wall

Here are a few photos of the Separation Wall. They do not capture the imposing and ugly reality of it. Not only does the wall control Palestinian entry into Israel proper, it also cuts through many Palestinian villages in the West Bank, often separating farmers from their fields and children from their schools. Palestinian movement is controlled by a series of gates in the wall, some of which are open throughout the day, while others have limited hours; unexpected gate closures are common and difficult to navigate around, as each Palestinian has a permit valid for only one gate. To learn more about the wall, see the link to B’Tselem’s page. (B’Tselem is an Israeli group that monitors human rights violations in the occupied territories.)

B’Tselem – The Seperation Barrier.

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5 Responses to The Wall

  1. Nicole Costa says:

    Beth, I am so glad you got there okay!! Just keeping up to date on your adventure. Will make sure mom and dad check out your blog either tonight or this weekend. By the way, the picture of the wall with my name on it also has my birthday on it!!

  2. Brandon Allyn Chabot says:

    Although these walls have a more dramatic meaning behind them. I can’t help but appreciate the beautiful graffiti on the walls. Where do you plan on going this week?

  3. Ann DiBernardo says:

    It’s my birthday as well! Anyway, I’m glad you made it there, Beth and you’ll be there for YOUR birthday on Oct. 6th (don’t worry, I won’t mention your age). Have a drink on me or don’t they allow that over there? These pictures are wonderful!

  4. Audrey Clairmont says:

    Professor Stickney,
    The wall is really neat!! It is strange to think you are right in the middle of what we are learning in class. It makes it much more realistic reading about what you see first hand.

  5. Steph says:

    Prof Stickney, i wish i could remember what websight it was on but I found one dedicated entierly to grafiti on the wall. Some of it was absolutley incredible. In the depressing sort of way.

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