Planes, Trains, And Funiculars

What was I saying about free wifi? We just came down to Geneva from three days in the Alps, a trip that required nearly every conveyance know to humanity, except perhaps for river barge. No free wifi up there, and it was just as well. We were totally focused on the natural grandeur all around us, including five very lovely brown and white cows who took their breakfast outside our window every morning. I will miss the delicate sound of their bells as they shift around in the meadow all through the night.

Of course, it wasn’t all green meadows and bucolic scenes. After undergraduate and graduate degrees in English, I finally understand the Romantic sublime. And that is priceless. I wish I could quote you some Wordsworth at the moment — sadly, I’ve never had that kind of poetic memory! Once I’m at home, I’ll find the passage I want.

While we didn’t have wifi, we did have the CNN International Desk on satellite TV, which we gave in to last night. Saw Ahmedinajad speaking provocatively in Lebanon, just as indictments in the assassination of Hariri in Syria are about to be handed down. Iran’s influence in Lebanon adds yet another volatile element to the Israeli-Palestinian mix. So much to sort out still from my ten days in the occupied territories. Being here in Geneva seems a world away — until I see the next veiled woman pushing a baby stroller down the street. Wifi or no — we are deeply connected.

More soon.

A bientot!

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